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Tagalog is an Austronesian language spoken in the Philippines by about 22 million people. It is related to Austronesian languages such as Indonesian, Malay, Javanese and Paiwan (of Taiwan), Cham (of Vietnam and Cambodia), and Tetum (of East Timor). It is the first language of the Philippines' Region IV (CALABARZON and MIMAROPA), first language of Metro Manila, and is the basis for the national and the official language of the Philippines, Filipino.

English to Tagalog Translated Text:

Tagalog ay isang Awstronesyo wika sinasalita sa Pilipinas sa pamamagitan ng tungkol sa 22 milyong katao. Ito ay may kaugnayan sa Awstronesyo wika tulad ng Indones, Malay, Javanese at manatili (ng Taiwan), Cham (Vietnam at Cambodia), at Tetum (ng Silangang Timor). Ito ay ang unang wika ng Pilipinas 'Rehiyon IV (CALABARZON at MIMAROPA), unang wika ng Metro Manila, at ito ay ang batayan para sa pambansa at opisyal na wika ng Pilipinas, Filipino.


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